Job Help Package

Services Provided

Job Orientation:

  • Resume Writing: will guide you to design and customize your resume according to Australian Job Market Standards and applying for jobs in appropriate industry.  We will provide you with a standard template and two drafts for casual and sector specific.
  • Interview Coaching: This includes a session to coach clients to assist them with putting their best foot forward at an interview. This is mainly used for skilled jobs and introduces Australian Phrases and methods of interviewing.

Job Assistance: Our team will assist the client to get a job once they receive their TFN.

  • Coach and help in Pathways and opportunities to gain Australian work experience and opportunities to be interviewed for temporary positions.
  • Successful candidates will be offered 3 month contract with local company offering:
      • Local work experience and cultural understanding
      • Job Training and Coaching
      • Paid Commissions on success
      • Job Referral Letters and Job references
      • Opportunity to continue and renew contract after 3 months upon performance and discretion of the employer

*Terms & Conditions

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