Our Mission: To be your Local Friend & Guide in South Australia                             

Our Services

Receiving a Migration Visa is just 40% of the entire settlement procedure.  

services smallMoving to a new country involves a lot of thought, research and preparations. Our Post Landing Services take care of the rest 60% through our comprehensive, customised and selective packages to help you settle in Adelaide, South Australia. 

After landing here in Adelaide, we take care of your airport pickup, arranging a temporary accommodation (fully furnished for 7 days) and also introducing you to real estate agents to help you hire your own accommodation, help in opening a Bank Account, applying for Tax File Number (TFN) and Australian Business Number (ABN), registering with Medicare and Centre-link, getting insurances and many other services.

Advanced Getting Started orientation sessions are organised by our counselors to guide you living in Adelaide, its social life and culture, banking, health and life insurance, education, health services, public transport, places of worship, list of local grocery stores and much more. These sessions help our clients acclimatize to life here in Adelaide without wasting their valuable time. Advanced Job orientation sessions are organised by our professional team and also provide you with Job Assistance in Placement for initial temporary / transitional jobs. These sessions help our clients acclimatise to Australian Work Experience without wasting their valuable time.

Invest and Business orientation & advise sessions, from highly reputed locally based investment-bankers, corporate advisory firms, asset management firms, private equity firms, multinational companies and local state governments, are organised by us, in providing investment and business opportunities. These sessions help our clients to achieve the right, profitable and suitable investment and/or business opportunities without wasting your valuable time and money.


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