Business in South Australia

Business in South Australia

Post Landing Services provide complete guidance and advice to secure business investments to meet your needs which includes Introduction, Orientation and Advice from highly reputed locally based, business advisory firm, commercial lawyers & Accountants for either the acquisition of different types businesses & franchises ranging from small to large size business or new start ups like but not limited to:

  • Retail Shops & Businesses
  • Cafes & Restaurants
  • Motels & Hotels
  • Entertainment Businesses
  • ICT Businesses
  • Service Industry
  • Fitness Industry
  • Agricultural Business


As a local market, South Australians are 'early adopters. They are eager to try new products and are open to new ideas.
South Australia has an educated, skilled, multi-lingual and motivated workforce with low living costs helping to make South Australia's management and labour costs highly competitive.
Dynamic, well connected and personable, Adelaide is a brilliant networking city. Its excellent living standards and lifestyle maintains a proper work–play balance.
Factory and office rents are among the least expensive in Australia. Industrial land is well located and inexpensive, with superb access to road, rail, air and port facilities. Real transport advantages include the new Adelaide International Airport and new Adelaide-Darwin rail link, the nation's logical distribution point for 85% of Australia's population.

Competitive business environment

South Australia's commitment to maintaining a competitive environment for investment, trade and business development has been critical to recent growth.

KPMG's 2010 report rated Adelaide as one of the two most cost-competitive locations in Australia in which to do business.

SA well-developed industry base, a highly skilled and flexible workforce and world-class education and health systems are instrumental to the development of business and investment opportunities in new and existing sectors.

Expansion of the state’s education, mining, defense and service sectors, along with the emergence of new cleantech industries and innovative information technology capabilities, are positioning South Australia for strong economic growth in the coming years.

SA is actively building on the traditional strengths in advanced manufacturing, food and wine, and agriculture and becoming known as a place where intelligence, creativity and innovative ideas are contributing to a knowledge-based future.

South Australia's 'green' credentials are second to none. South Australia is a world leader in introducing climate-change legislation and is actively pursuing investment in renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, geothermal and wave power.

The dedicated Invest in South Australia team facilitating major investment.

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