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Live and Work in SA

Planning to live and work in South Australia?

There are couple of important things you should do as soon as possible, when arriving in Australia.

  1. Apply for a tax file number (TFN)
  2. Australian Business Number (ABN)
  3. Register with Medicare
  4. Open a bank account
  5. Register with Centre link
  6. Contact the Health Undertaking Service
  7. Orientation about the city you live in
  8. Job Orientation & Assistance
  9. Apply for a driver’s licence

Apply for a Tax File Number

Australian workers pay tax to the government on their income. To receive an income in Australia, you need a tax file number (TFN).
A tax file number is a unique number issued to individuals and businesses to help the government administer taxation and other government programs.

If you are migrating to Australia or have a temporary resident visa that allows you to work in Australia, you can apply for a tax file number on the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website.

Telephone 13 2861
Translating and Interpreting Service 13 1450 – 24 Hour
Apply for a tax file number online Online TFN registration

Register with Medicare

The Australian Government provides help with medical expenses through Medicare. The government also subsidises the cost of some medicines under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. It is important to know that migrants are generally eligible for Medicare assistance. If you are eligible to join Medicare you can gain immediate access to health care services and programs. These include free public hospital care; help with the cost of out-of-hospital care, and subsidised medicines.

To register with Medicare, you should go to a Medicare office and take your passport and other travel documents. If all registration requirements are met, you will be given a temporary Medicare card number to use.

Telephone 13 2011
Visit an office Medicare office locations
Website Medicare- Human services

Open a Bank Account

In Australia, people keep their money in a bank, building society or credit union. Most income including salary and wages and government benefits is paid directly into an account in your name. Australians use debit cards to withdraw money from their bank accounts and for many purchases.

If you open a bank, building society or credit union account within six weeks of your arrival you will usually only need your passport as identification. After six weeks you will need additional identification to open an account. Advice your bank of your tax file number (TFN) to avoid higher rates of taxation on interest earned. For further information about banking, go to the link http://www.bankers.asn.au

Licensing requirements for international visitors

It is illegal to drive without a driver’s licence and to drive an unregistered vehicle. In Australia the driving laws and regulations are slightly different from one state to another. Some states require you to carry an International licence with your current foreign licence. Other states request you carry your current foreign driver's licence together with a formal translation of your licence into English.

As a general rule, you are able to drive in South Australia on a valid overseas international driver's licence for a set of period, usually three months. For further details please refer to sa.gov.au

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