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About Us

Post Landing Services

an Australian owned and operated company, whose dedicated team works closely with you to assist you through the relocation process to ensure a seamless transition and settlement into Adelaide, South Australia. Settling into a new country can be a real challenge, especially when you do not have any family, friends or acquaintances there. When you are immigrating to a new country you and your family will want the peace of mind that the transition will be made comfortably and with ease.

Our post landing service packages supply you with quality key information on all aspects of moving to Adelaide. This includes real estate and home rental agents, schools, job assistance, banks, lawyers, accountants, doctors and any other service you would require when settling into Adelaide.

We also provide you with up to 10 days of hands on support and guidance while you settle in and adapt to Adelaide. We have strong relationships with key service providers, which enable us to deliver quality services to our clients. We pride ourselves on our systematic approach to ensure a seamless transition from arrival to settling into a new location.

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